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Let the Kashmiris decide their political future

By Sabzar Ahmad Bhat
The idea of letting “the Kashmiri people decide their future” comes from a speech, made by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952, in which he said that he would give the Kashmiri people a chance to decide their political future. For this approach to ever become a reality, both Pakistan and India would need to significantly change their attitudes to allow Kashmiri people to play a role in resolving the Kashmir conflict.

Jahiliyat (Ignorance) killed Rizwan and Atif in Kashmir

By Javid Pandith
When a society starts taking sides and stops to call a spade a spade, it opens itself to anarchy and lawlessness. Time and again we as a society have failed Kashmiriyat by being hypocrites. We claim to be champions of human rights by highlighting the human shield act of Major Gogoi and the pelleting of baby Hiba. But what is holding us back from condemning Atif Mir’s death and observing a shut down on a number of such other cases?

Of shocking killing videos: The smokescreen of morality in Kashmir

By Waqas Farooq Kuttay
Most of the militants active at present are around twenties; with limited experience of life they seem to operate without any code and purely out of passion on many occasions. It looks like they can kill anybody they want. The problem is that a 14-year-old, killed in an encounter at Bandipora was called a martyr, and no one dared to call him a child soldier.

Tourism amidst armed conflict in Kashmir

By Asif Ahmad Bhat
The most notable European to travel Kashmir over the Banihal range was none other than Francois Bernier, a French physician attached to the Mughal court at Delhi in the 17th century. Conferring on Kashmir the title, ‘paradise of the Indies’, Bernier writes lyrically: “The numberless streams which issue from the mountains maintain the valley and hillocks in the most delightful verdure. The whole kingdom wears the appearance of fertile and highly cultivated gardens. Villages and hamlets are frequently seen through the luxuriant foliage.”