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Book Review: Noam Chomsky’s ‘9-11: Was There an Alternative? ’

By Muhammad Ashraf
‘9-11 Was There an Alternative?’ was published by Seven Stories Press in New York, to international acclaim, which proves the fact that many such dissident voices are constantly being heard by the public in an unprecedented way.

Sufism: An Interview with Henry Bayman

By Muhammad Ashraf
The famous scholar Ghazali was able to reconcile Sufism and Islam, five centuries after Islam was revealed. Otherwise, Islam was very advanced right at the beginning. So today, many people think of Islam and Sufism as two different things, whereas they were originally one.

An interview with Professor Ian Markham

By Muhammad Ashraf Thachara Padikkal
I mean, I really do believe that there is a God; I do believe that it is appropriate to pray to God and I really do believe that the God has revealed to humanity an ethic that calls on us to live justly with a neighbor.