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Mosques and Libraries Deserve Equal Patronage

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
Every modest home today commands a kitchen to fulfil hunger and prayer rooms for offering ritual worship, living rooms for entertaining guests, and bedrooms for enjoying sleep. Yet, one wonders how many modern Muslim homes have a Reading Room to honor the primordial command of the Quran?


Birbhum Abloom: Exploring the Spiritual Legacy of India’s Marxist Cousins

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
The ‘complicated’ history of Indian partition becomes even more ironic when we note that national poets of both India (Rabindranath Tagore) and Bangladesh were of Bengali origin, while that of Pakistan (Allama Iqbal) was Indian by birth and death, too.

To Believe Well is to Behave Well

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
He welcomed me to the Masjid and showed around the place, inviting me to photograph anything I wanted. A relic from the Holy Ka’aba in Makkah hung on the wall. The walls and roof were well decorated in stunning Persian architecture.

Britons brave freezing cold to champion the cause of refugee children

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
The assembly of protesters had members of all ages, possibly ranging from age 0 to 70. Mothers held their infants, despite the single degree temperature. They had gathered to express their solidarity for the desperate refugee children suffering in camps across Europe. This was certainly an impossible sight to witness in the Asian and Arab countries.