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Odisha: A Pictorial dedication to one of India’s most beautiful regions

By Kamalini Natesan
We leave Odisha, satisfied, and full. The rain gods have splattered us forever, and Odisha will remain embedded, as a verdant memory of temples, coconut palms and a very kind people, who make excellent food. We repeatedly tasted the baked cottage cheese-like sweet, called Chhena Pod Pitha, which literally means burnt and baked cottage cheese. Its melt-in-the-mouth experience, very lightly sweetened, is much like Odisha itself.

‘The Mahabharata’ in Indian Folk Culture

By Tanya Jha
Karnakuttu, as the play is called in Tamil, is annually performed at temples in Tamil Nadu and in small metropolitan theatres around the country. The stories are usually picked from the Mahabharata and meddled with the elements of Tamil folk culture to bring it to the local audience.