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Fear and Image: The phenomenology of photography

By Anwar Haneefa
Until 1969, the French philosopher Jacques Derrida did not let himself to be photographed and was very strict with the distribution of his images. Why did such a reputed philosopher like Derrida, in the then global academic and intellectual sphere, have such an uncompromising attitude towards photography? Was this strictness a part of his whole comprehensive universal critical project of ‘Deconstruction’, a critique to ‘constructed image’ and ‘fixed identity’?

On Literature

By Sayani Sinha
If literature assumes and acts on a kind of subjective knowledge of objective reality, philosophy puts into question the legitimacy of such an assumption. It purports to study the relationship between literature – as a representation and a mode of representation of objective reality – and objective reality as such.

In Defense of Literary Philosophy

By Sayani Sinha
For him literary texts were content-free. He was therefore interested in what they did and not what they meant, because they meant nothing. Deleuze echoes Heidegger when he puts immense emphasis on the factor of creativity in his attempt to conjoin philosophy and the arts.

12 Angry Men and an Angry World

By Riti Das Dhankar
12 Angry Men deals with a dozen people’s anger and, in the process, tosses a question at an equally angry world. A simple question which can never be answered without being ambiguous: what is real?