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Rest in Peace, Gauri Lankesh

By Santosh Bakaya
But nay, truth never succumbs, no matter what. 
Its fire cannot be doused by any gunshot.  
It will rise, and rise from the ashes 
Branding a comatose humanity with the power of whiplashes. 

Poem: Conches

By Shreenidhi Rajagopalan
Now, thoughts are tinged with saffron
dots that escape visibility,
our WhatsApp forwards with 2002 splotches of fear.

Poem: Pelting Stones

By Sutapa Basu
‘Pelting stones is a lark,’ says Javed,
Stretching out his prosthetic leg on a thin carpet,
As thin as the veneer of promises made to Kashmir
By smiling Buddhas in a faraway city.

Poem: Kashmir

By Faakirah Irfan “Write with your eyes like painters, with your ears like musicians, with your feet like dancers. You are the truth sayer with quill…

Three Poems

By Omair Bhat
I will love you then under
muzzles of assault rifles of
troops, slithering
out from sandbag bunkers into
silence of our city

Three Poems

By Arunima Paul
in the 5th month
feeling the withdrawal
I check your Facebook
tricolored filter
you are, as always
valiantly ridiculing
the misguided.