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Poem: I feel harassed by dust, bacteria and shit to name a few

By Auxiliary Random Access Memory
I feel harassed by the  sunlight
I feel harassed by the  moonlight
I feel harassed by the  wind


Three poems on Kashmir

By Junaid Ashraf
A soldier
here in my head
that tells me
what to think
what not to think.

Coming to poetry: Between reason and grief

By Akash Bharadwaj
The feisty tone of the poem and her determined voice reached the pores of my skin. I was surprised to find in her otherwise soft voice an anger that spoke not only about the epic world of Mahabharata, but a similar world of deceit, lust, and struggles that surrounded us.

Poem: Reference

By Gaurav J. Pathania
But in the academic world
A reference is your existence
which is endangered
If you are not referred to.
Where else does one live
But in citations?

Rest in Peace, Gauri Lankesh

By Santosh Bakaya
But nay, truth never succumbs, no matter what. 
Its fire cannot be doused by any gunshot.  
It will rise, and rise from the ashes 
Branding a comatose humanity with the power of whiplashes.