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Two Poems

By Sabyasachi Nag
no god awake at this hour to help
birth the dark passion
I need to stand this war tonight;
this war with never ending, slithery shadows.

Poem: I feel harassed by dust, bacteria and shit to name a few

By Auxiliary Random Access Memory
I feel harassed by the  sunlight
I feel harassed by the  moonlight
I feel harassed by the  wind

Coming to poetry: Between reason and grief

By Akash Bharadwaj
The feisty tone of the poem and her determined voice reached the pores of my skin. I was surprised to find in her otherwise soft voice an anger that spoke not only about the epic world of Mahabharata, but a similar world of deceit, lust, and struggles that surrounded us.

Poem: Reference

By Gaurav J. Pathania
But in the academic world
A reference is your existence
which is endangered
If you are not referred to.
Where else does one live
But in citations?