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Two Poems by Aneek Chatterjee

By Aneek Chatterjee
This is the rule of the game.
Spectators sit in the dark, here
The playing field is dark.
Positions alter now and then
A spectator changes 
into a player any time,
and vice versa 

Two Poems by Sabyasachi Nag

By Sabyasachi Nag
I fear, you too might die Akbari, all of eighty-five,
tied to the steel bed and forced to choke in this fire
someone else started, somewhere else;
or like Ankit Sharma, first beaten, then shot,
facing the gutter, by the house you were born;

Four Poems

By Goirick B
Silence won’t answer, will leave it to us.
For reasons, like lovers, must now disappear.
Mind floats, an empty boat, stories, grass;
Breathing out some of this coldness we fear.

Four Poems

By Kashiana Singh
The arrows of your eyes pierce into a fog
You conquer hysteria with textured words
in flags of fingers festooned into poems

Book Review: L.S. Rathore’s ‘Romance Over Coffee’

By Nishi Pulugurtha
Rathore’s poetry draws on the everyday, to emotions and feelings that are real and perceptive, to literature, history and Indian myths and stories that have to do chiefly with love. This collection, his first volume of poems, records impressions and facets of lived everyday moments.