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Four Poems


By Goirick Brahmachari 

Early Morning, Jazz

<Baker Street>

Early morning perfect sun
Upon the quiet neighbourhood.
Everything’s just like it should be
But for the sadness Chet Baker brings
In black and white,
Sometimes blue
That takes me to places,
Fading traces of you.


 <After Pujo>

Leaves move gently
Against the autumn sun
Splitting it into uneven pieces
Through the space between
Sleeping apartments and cars
Parked beside the no parking sign.

The telephone wires crisscross
Above the roofs and railings.
The streets are empty,
The festivities are over,

The noise is gone.


<Bitter than Coffee>

No birds singing
No breeze blowing
No, I am not aching
In this blue and white morning

The clarinet knows:
The staleness of my words
The aftertaste of cheap cigarettes
The gloom of dull money plants
The restlessness of absent ashtrays.

Free as a doubt
This subconscious reality
A momentary flake of death
When you hold your smoke too long
Only to exhale time
Closing your eyes
Just for a while.


Cassandra, inverse

Start believing that this world will return.
It might help us: some unlearning this time.
How foolish is the sea? Do mountains learn?
Gravity, forgive our treacherous rhyme!

Silence won’t answer, will leave it to us.
For reasons, like lovers, must now disappear.
Mind floats, an empty boat, stories, grass;
Breathing out some of this coldness we fear.

But, it all must end now, and end it must,
This heaving body, these forsaken streets,
Mirror each other in the rain and the rust
Of death and gusts and unplanned retreats.
For words lose meaning and thoughts may resign,
The first lines were drawn to signal a sign.

Originally from Silchar, Assam, Goirick B’s debut collection of poems, For the Love of Pork (Les Editions du Zaporogue, Denmark) won the Muse India-Satish Verma Young Writer Award for poetry in 2016. He is also the winner of prestigious Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize, 2016. His chapbook of travel notes, Joining the Dots, was published by Nivasini Publishers, Hyderabad in 2017. His third book of poems, Wet Radio and other poemshas been published recently. His poems have appeared in Berfrois, Café Dissensus, Raiot and Nether, among others.


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