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Kiriti Sengupta’s work: Is literature an alternative to agenda politics?

By Dustin Pickering
Agendas are inescapable in influence and are not certain enough to bring mental peace. Why not seek to attain the Universal through meditation, instead of the confusion argument invites? Kiriti Sengupta’s work invites you, the reader, on such a pursuit.

Defying authoritarianism with humor

By Janjira Sombatpoonsiri
The experiences of Serbia and Thailand show how humor can be deployed differently, and towards different ends. In Serbia, Otpor had used humorous protest actions in a systematic way, with a well-crafted strategy of nonviolent defiance and nationwide franchises attracting broad-based support. As a result, the number of actions quantified, and effects of humor maximized. In contrast, Thailand’s Red Sunday was an ad hoc group working on a smaller scale.

Why we should not support ‘this’ Gaza

By Mahmood Kooria
The long Jewish sufferings throughout the world history until the end of World War II are beyond any doubt. But how could someone justify the oppressors and psychopathic murderers like Hitler in order to question the activities and decisions of a contemporary Israeli state? And, how would the innocent children and women in Gaza be responsible for the terrorist activities (if it is at all happening) of some cowards in a distant land? Only because of their religious affiliation?