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Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and the Importance of Stories from the Margins

By Sohini Chatterjee
Gadsby offers no escape route. She is not pretending to be indifferent to her own trauma. She is asking for compassion, she is demanding to be heard and understood. Not for her own sake but for the sake of the “gender not normals”, the small town queers, the women who are written out of history in favour of men, who do not deserve their esteemed place in history.

An interview with poet, Aditi Angiras

By Chandramohan S
The other is where they shun you for using art as activism, for turning poems into propaganda. The literary community is very neoliberal like that, it’s a market, they’ll sell whatever can get sold. For everything else, there’s the master card. Then they tell you what qualifies as poetry and what doesn’t, and if they’re gonna let you in to the academy or not.