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Kashmir: The valley of rape

By Rimli Bhattacharya
When we type “Rape cases in Kashmir” on Google, we are welcomed by a barrage of more than thirty such gruesome results within a span of one year. And the most startling factor is that the majority of these rapes have been executed by the Indian security forces.

Telliscope: We are a rape society

By Ashley Tellis
What is marriage if not a form of sanctified rape? We do not think marital rape even imaginable as a criminal category because it blows open the lid on the fact that marriage is a form of rape: a ceremonial, ritualistic, marketized, and glitzy sanction to rape.

Why is crime against women in India on the rise?

By Mukhtyar Ahmed
A strong civil society, political will, and a functional law enforcement system is required to address issues of sexual assault and rape against women effectively and efficiently. No amount of candlelight vigils or speeches can address the problem of ‘rape culture’ in the absence of significant political and judicial reforms with immediate effect.

Milli Gazette and Its Misogyny

By Kouser Fathima
But sadly, the people at Milli Gazette are trying to push a regressive ideology, wherein the victim is blamed for her rape. In the name of honor, the portal seems to be indirectly justifying the act.

Memoirs of a rape survivor’s friend

By Faakirah Irfan
The next time she opened up to me about her rape was in class. One fine day she came up to me and told me everything that had happened to her. My heart raced the entire night as I collided with the realities of life I hadn’t known. I wept by the side of bed alone without getting inside the sheets to sleep.

Us and Them

By Amartya Banerjee
There is a lively school of thought in West Bengal that my father describes as “not Marxism, not socialism, not even secularism, but Denial-ism”. Without singling out any person or party, there is present, a pattern of justification which says that “Everybody is to blame, save us.”

The Banality of Evil: Nagaland Lynching

By Riti Das Dhankar
As these images were splashed in newspapers and news channels, one saw a crowd of thousands of men finding pleasure in inflicting pain, making videos, clicking pictures, dragging a dead man tied behind a vehicle and then hanging his body. How could a crowd of humans target a defenseless man, kill him, and find pleasure in doing so?

The Mars Club Member’s Daughter

By Achyut Dutt
Jyoti Singh’s rape hasn’t changed anything in India. There is that Guinness Book record that India still holds and will continue holding – of being the place where every 20 minutes, there is a rape. That works out to 72 rapes a day, a nice round figure.


By Rita Bhattacharjee
It was the night when men turned into beasts – lurking at street corners, hiding in plain sight.
Gargoyles clawed out my guts with steel-tipped talons, feasting on flesh,
each of my wounds, a vagina oozing blood.