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Life in the Time of Corona

By Rashid Askari
We have to adopt ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’ policy for Bangladesh because the curative measures available in Bangladesh are not adequate for our needs.

Short Story: The virgin whore

By Rashid Askari
Really the Hindu girls were sweeter than the Muslim ones. He claimed to be a devout Muslim. He disliked everything of other religions except for women. He loved to graze in others’ fields leaping over the fence. He became the right producer of Angurbala.

Book Review: Rashid Askari’s ‘Nineteen Seventy One and Other Stories’

By Bina Biswas
In Nineteen Seventy One and Other Stories, Askari’s fictional aesthetic focuses on the exploration of characters, their motive, and psychology. His privileging of psychology over plot, characters’ interiority over external action frees his stories from the generic conventions of popular fiction. In the true modernist vein, the stories bring together psychological realism and physicality.