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In Conversation with Author, Nabanita Kanungo

By Rashida Murphy
I first encountered the work of Nabanita Kanungo, when she sent me a book of her poems to read and review in my capacity as Books Editor for Café Dissensus. I started reading the poems and finished them in one sitting; easy enough for a slim volume, you might think. Then I read them again. For several days, I read the poems that still haunt me for their frank exploration of the violence embodied in landscape and the way language is used to convey both ‘resistance and retrieval’.

Book Review: Sunjeev Sahota’s ‘The Year of the Runaways’

By Rashida Murphy
Sahota delves deep into the tradition of religious Sikhs and conveys those traditions with a light touch. Granthis, kirtans, kandhas and kesris all become accessible when their symbolism is conveyed through the actions of young Punjabi men and women – so far from home – and so cold, miserable, hungry, desolate.