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Book Review: Ampat Koshy’s Birds of Different Feathers

By Santosh Bakaya
One of the poems in the book also transported me to the iconic filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice. (Andrei Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice, p. 56). It was while my daughter was doing a Film Appreciation Course, that I also happened to see all of Tarkovsky’s films along with her.

A conversation with author, Ampat Koshy

By Santosh Bakaya
I grew up believing in the power of writing and of the word. Connected to this was my idea of the muse, of being inspired and the effect of Romantic poetry in writing what I feel when I feel intensely. The haunting nature, the lingering effect, and the sadness that readers come across, the melancholia if you will, in my works is clearly because of what I spoke of earlier.