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On the Question of Interviews for Preschool and Nursery Admissions

By Joyeeta Dey
It has, however, become clear that interviews serve as a smokescreen for concealing the perpetuation of social inequality via schooling.


How to be a compassionate teacher?

By Aastha Singh
I could not control myself as I cried bitterly. Sunny is a special child, I learnt from other teachers. He suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Dear Education Minister of Chhattisgarh, is it okay to inflict corporal punishment on students?

By Joyeeta Dey
Children’s rights activists with their wealth of data condemning the efficacy of CP (that it teaches the child nothing, perpetuates violence in later life, and leads to lower academic performance) reach an impasse when faced with adults who vouch for it based on their own experience. While one may try to dismiss this as nostalgic idealizing of one’s childhood it is much more important to realize the irrelevance of trying to answer whether it ‘works’ or not.

Adharshila Shikshan Kendra: Reconstituting Possibilities for Adivasi Children

By Karishma Desai
Adharshila has thoughtfully embedded local Adivasi political ecological knowledge in curricula and overall school practices. For example, in one curricular inquiry project, students collect folk tales from their own villages and analyze relations between self, community, nature, and world. In another unit, students collect oral histories from village elders to understand why the arid mountain behind their school community was called Reech (bear), considering it did not represent an environment that bears would live in.