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Obsession with marks: A crisis in India’s schooling system

By Shahid Jamal
In one of his most celebrated books, Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich writes, “schooling in developing nations is used to create new elites with a consumerist mentality.” This seems very true to me when I closely look at the pedagogy of modern schooling system. The present schooling system clearly divides our society on the socio-economic ground.

A School in Palnar: Multiple violence of schooling in Bastar

By Sreejith Murali
The stolen generation in India are also removed from their families, made to live in residential schools in an environment where their own culture and languages are absent, and made to learn a “foreign” language – Hindi, in this case.

My School – My Mission

By Ajay Balhra
I never imposed any decision of mine on my staff or students. I always wanted them to feel as if they have taken that particular decision for their betterment and this feeling, I believe, makes them more accountable and committed to achieve their targets.