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Dogs and our ambivalence

By Sanjay Kumar
Oh, it is dogs that unequivocally settle the discourse on secularism. As they release themselves raising their hind left leg, balancing themselves beautifully on the other three, one eye pretending to shed tears and the other one poetically shut, they do not discriminate among places of religious worship.

Book Review: Romila Thapar, A.G.Noorani, and Sadanand Menon’s ‘On Nationalism’

By Mosarrap H. Khan
On Nationalism is a timely intervention in the ongoing debate about nationalism in India. In moments of national crisis, we must revisit the past ideals of inclusivity and pluralism on which Indian nation was conceived. However, just as the Hindu nationalists continuously reinvent the past to suit their exclusionary nationalist project, the contributors of this collection, too, seem to lapse into a nostalgia for an elusive inclusive past.

Lack of Muslim Political Leadership in India

By Kouser Fathima
Global political changes and Islamphobia have made it easy for Muslims to be targeted and victimised. In India, the weakening of secular parties, and the consequent rise of the BJP, has put additional burden on Muslims. In this context, Indian Muslims need a strong leader like Kanshi Ram, who worked with Dalits to make them a strong political force.

Locating Nationalism within a Larger Frame

By Ananya S Guha
Those at the helm of power must remember how the Indian nation came into being as a nation of diversities. Any effort to change the foundation of the nation and turn it into a mono-cultural, monolingual, and mono-religious religious entity would result in conflict and violence.

Our Children, Our Future

By Ashraf Thachar
Since children are not bothered about the insecurity of time and space, they still tend to be kind humans, who love their neighbors, irrespective of religion and culture. They promise new hopes and ideas for the betterment of our future.

An interview with Professor Ian Markham

By Muhammad Ashraf Thachara Padikkal
I mean, I really do believe that there is a God; I do believe that it is appropriate to pray to God and I really do believe that the God has revealed to humanity an ethic that calls on us to live justly with a neighbor.

Yakub Memon, A MUSLIM, Was Hanged

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Who would return the youthful innocence of millions of Muslim teenagers like me who lived their formative years in the shadow of Babri Masjid demolition and the riots that followed? To whom was justice served by taking Yakub Memon’s life? Certainly, this was no justice for Muslims in India.