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Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Nanette’ and the Importance of Stories from the Margins

By Sohini Chatterjee
Gadsby offers no escape route. She is not pretending to be indifferent to her own trauma. She is asking for compassion, she is demanding to be heard and understood. Not for her own sake but for the sake of the “gender not normals”, the small town queers, the women who are written out of history in favour of men, who do not deserve their esteemed place in history.

Why Sehmat’s story needed to be told

By Sohini Chatterjee
Buried in the depths of forgotten history, lost amidst dehumanizing, fractious wars and decades of unrelenting, deranged enmity, fueled by nationalisms built on delusions of grandeur suffered by both India and Pakistan, Sehmat’s story needed to be excavated and narrated to the world, especially to the two neighbouring states in South Asia that are as insolent as they are belligerent, who operate in wanton disregard for human life, in an effort to sustain their exalted opinions of themselves, their amour propre.