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Short Story: The City Lights

By Srirupa Dhar
Rik is overtaken by the uncanny resemblances between the boy and himself. The idea of throwing up vanishes from Rik’s mind. Rik stares at his doppelganger – his own smiling eyes, thin nose, small, pointy ears, and cordate chin – who seems to say: “See yourself”.


Short Story: My Sherlock

By Srirupa Dhar
Just a moment’s flicker and then I see a pale yellow creature resting on to a Lego piece. The creature seemed to be unsure of its sudden landing. It was trying to hide the tip of its dark brown legs.

Short Story: Her bifocals saw the full monty

By Srirupa Dhar
Glasses clinked with the malty smell of Scotch whiskeys and oaky bouquet of Chardonnays. The bitter tartness of alcohol intimately medleyed with the floral fragrances of Gucci and Chanel. The middle-aged self-complacent men savored the drinks as they cracked bawdy jokes.

Short Story: The Eye

By Srirupa Dhar
Her skin is a canvas against which her stark life is painted. Blackness sculpts every bit of her life. It weaves into the fatigue of a copper sun, copper moon, copper water, copper everything. Sharon’s life is entrenched in black, a color that absorbs every other color but itself suffers the threat of otherness.

Film-Review: The Politics of Role-Playing in Kaushik Ganguly’s film, ‘Bastu- Shaap’

By Srirupa Dhar
Indian film director Kaushik Ganguly’s Bengali film, Bastu-Shaap (2016), is a psychological drama that gives us an insight into the complexities of both human minds and relationships. Role-playing is portrayed as a major component in retaining these relationships. And the politics embedded in this role-playing powerfully betrays the true human being beneath the façade.

Short Story: Those never-to-be-lost LEGOS

By Srirupa Dhar
Suhashini died a year after Abir’s trip to Kolkata. She went peacefully in her sleep one night. Her hands were tightly holding on to the bottom part of her pillow. She clutched as many LEGO figures as she could. Just like those old houses of Bagbazzar that never forgot to protect the people living in them.

Kolkata: The City of Joy that lives on

By Srirupa Dhar
A superficial view of the overpopulated city might reveal a severe lack of physical space. But in truth, Kolkata lives on because its people have internalized a space for themselves. This space is in their minds kindling in them the zestful rhetoric to live.