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Two Cheers for Indian Democracy!

By Ashley Tellis
The University of Hyderabad students, like Jawaharlal Nehru University students, and like students everywhere in this beleaguered country, are used to this sort of heckling, harassment and intimidation and continue to stand their ground, somewhat tiredly. It is a sad, sad country we live in.

University Affairs: A Letter from Prison

By Md Hasanujjam
The prison authorities are giving us good food but the other prisoners are being given very bad food. The prisoners are working for us like wage labourers. We are exempted from any work as we are the political prisoners. But later we told them that we ourselves can do the work of sweeping and cleaning. We are not made to stand in the queue while others are.

An Account of Police Brutality in the Wake of Arrests at the University of Hyderabad

By Md Hasanujjaman
Professor Ratnam was again humiliated by making him sit at the feet of the police, who was sitting on a chair and giving us pedantic lecture on nationalism and education as to how we should develop our society. This is the same Sub-Inspector of Miyapur P.S. who abused me in a vulgar language and giggled and lied to me when I asked him where we were taken to.

An Appeal: Revoke the Unjust Suspension and Social Boycott of 5 Dalit Research Scholars @University of Hyderabad!

By Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, University of Hyderabad
We, the students of University of Hyderabad and the undersigned are enraged by this atrocious decision and appeal to you to intervene in this matter and take action on all the University of Hyderabad officials for succumbing to the pressures from BJP and the BJP ministers whoforced the University of Hyderabad administration to implement the suspension and social boycott of the five Dalit research scholars without any enquiry and helped the ABVP President file the false case.