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How author and critic Gopi Chand Narang survived a maligning campaign

By Rahman Abbas
It is unfortunate that Narang was targeted by a gang of sectarian and biased literary scribes. It seems Narang was hated for his religious and cultural identity. A malicious campaign was run by a few settled in the Western countries to appease the camp which was against Narang in India on the ground of having a different outlook, a different perspective on literary leitmotif and theories.

An Interview with Prof. Mehr Afshan Farooqi on Urdu writer and critic, Muhammad Hasan Askari

By Mosarrap H Khan
What were the alternatives to Progressivism in Urdu literature at a time when Progressivism was dominant? The first name that comes to mind is Muhammad Hasan Askari. Askari’s work intersects with such crucial issues, the role of Indian languages and literatures in the postcolonial era, the contexts in which identities meet culture, and the emergence of Urdu literature from the newly founded nation of Pakistan as ‘Pakistani literature.’

In Memoriam: Intizar Husain

By Raza Rumi
In fiction, Intizar Husain’s style was deeply influenced by the myriad streams of mythologies and fables from the Indian subcontinent and outside. In dozens of short stories that he wrote, symbols from past lives were invoked.