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The Hindutva inferiority complex inflicts damage on the Hindu psyche

By M Ghazali Khan
However, if the readers are shocked at the claims made by the RSS ‘thinker’, they should then hold their breath. They should go through these masterpieces of research by the saffron historians:
Ancient Italy was a Hindu country and the Pope was a Hindu priest.
English is a dialect of Sanskrit.
Ancient England too was ‘a Hindu country.’
The term Christmas is actually Krishna-mas, i.e. the month of Krishna, the Hindu incarnation at the time of the Mahabharata era. The word “mas” in Sanskrit means “month”.

Urdu Press Pays Rich Tribute to Gauri Lankesh

By Urdu Media Monitor
Urdu newspapers have given extensive coverage to the brutal murder of one of the most respected Indian journalists and activists, Gauri Lankesh, who was found lying in a pool of blood on the porch at her home in Bangalore on 6 September, 2017.