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The Ripples of Life

By Lopa Banerjee
Her thoughts glided between her life, then and now. Life had threatened her with its clarion call, which she tried her best to dismiss with her arrogance, her vitality, her quest to live. Her mother’s death had pushed her, vehemently and mercilessly, to a bottomless pit from which she pulled herself out slowly.

Mehru’s Dream

By Mosarrap H. Khan
A strong gust of wind almost threw her off. She felt the first few drops of cold rain on her skin. It excited her and made her want more. Mehru stood in the middle of the courtyard with her face lifted to the sky in anticipation. The large drops of rain lashed against her face, making her feel a stinging pain.

Valentine’s Day: Arranged Love!

By Priyanka Banerjee
Sitting in two different continents with two different time zones, it was a challenge for us to make our love blossom depending entirely on technology. This long distance relationship sometimes appeared funny and sometimes unrealistic for the people around us. There was a big question mark on everyone’s face: how is it possible for two grown-up individuals to love each other in the virtual world?

Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love

By Indranil Dey
Then about a month later, while having dinner with friends, he got a call. It was about a broken laptop. She called him since her tech-guy was out of town and, somehow, the computer engineers are supposed to know how to repair a laptop, so she thought. It was also a critical time of final submission for her course and she had to prepare a presentation on the damn laptop.