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Valentine’s Day: Celebrating Love

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By Indranil Dey

Love blossoms in the most unusual places. He was just a happy-go-lucky boy with a devil-may-care attitude. She was a bubbly charming Mumbai girl with an incredible zest for life and her dad’s princess. It was one of those days where it was meant to be.

It was Holi – the festival of colors. He used to be a Capoeirista. While returning home from his session that day, he happened to gatecrash a party thrown by his uncle. Little did he know that it would change his life forever. It was a typical Bengali get-together with a boisterous erudite crowd. The discussions ranged from world peace to solution to India’s fiscal problems! And, of course, an exclusive session of music thrown in here and there – ‘gaaner ashor’, as we love to call it.

He entered the room full of strangers and there she was. It was almost love at first sight for him. While this may sound too filmy, it surely wasn’t the case with her. Though she is quite full of life herself, she barely spoke a word to him the entire evening, while he kept blabbering like a buffoon on a range of topics so as to get a little bit of her attention. As the party came to an end, so did his hopes of ever meeting her again.

It wasn’t that he was a coward or shy but he simply did not want to pull something off in the house of a relative. Of course, the total neglect also played on his mind.  After all, the grapes are indeed sour!

Then about a month later, while having dinner with friends, he got a call. It was about a broken laptop. She called him since her tech-guy was out of town and, somehow, the computer engineers are supposed to know how to repair a laptop, so she thought. It was also a critical time of final submission for her course and she had to prepare a presentation on the damn laptop. This was Murphy’s law; his opportunity to meet her and get to know her. Slowly, it turned into a series of meetings, patronizing Caffe Coffee Day to KFCs in the process. Most often followed by Birdies chocolates and long drives to Bandra. This went on almost everyday for about four weeks.

After which one fine day, she broke the news that her project was complete and she would be relocating to Baroda where her parents lived. He was seriously and thoroughly confused. Almost all relationship experts say, long distance is well nigh impossible. By this time, having noticed many of her qualities, he was sure that he was meant to be with her for the rest of their lives. And if you know who you want to be with, you don’t want to waste another moment away from them.

As it often goes, he popped the question over a cup of coffee. Marriages in India, though, are a very complicated affair. It’s usually a marriage between two families. And in this case, even she wasn’t sure of the answer. All she assured him was that she needed time and she didn’t know how she felt. It was their last coffee together for that year in the city of Mumbai.

A few thousand calls and text messages later, one fine Friday evening she says on Skype: ‘I don’t know why but I miss seeing you. I need to be with you. Can you come over?’ He didn’t quite have any plans for the weekend. He left his house at 11.15 pm. His house was in Mumbai and she lived in Baroda. Riding straight through the night for about seven hours having slept twice on the bike, he finally made it to Baroda.

And then they had the coffee.  It was perhaps the first time he felt as though she was very close to expressing her feelings for him. But it was a coffee only affair nevertheless. And then she kissed him. And it was all he needed to wait for her for a lifetime. That very act, the very intimate moment is when you realize you cannot be whole without the other and that’s why they call you the half and her the better half.

The journey back to Mumbai passed in a jiffy. And within a few days there it came. A phone call with her on the other side: ‘I love you’. This is all she said and the world stood still. It stands still by those very magical words, for they were soon engaged and then got married.

But that’s a story for another day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Indranil Dey writes software for a living. He is passionate about reading books in almost every genre under the sun. He writes for pleasure. He loves rubiks cube solving and chess. He lives with his wife in Bangalore, India.

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