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Sergei Eisenstein’s lost film ‘Que Viva Mexico’: A work of true revolutionary fervor!

By Vivaan Shah
Eisenstein’s lost film Que Viva Mexico leaps from the abstract to the lyrical and eventually to the downright dramatic. There are passages of pastoral beauty and evocations of rural life that blossom into the heart like sunflowers budding from a parched soul.

The Truth was at Warner Bros

By Vivaan Shah
It seems evident to me at least in metaphorical terms that if Disney represented splendor, MGM glamour, Paramount pomp, Universal the circling globe, then the truth was at Warner Bros! 

Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Pat Garett and Billy the Kid’: The times maybe a changin’, but not me…

By Vivaan Shah
The images from Sam Peckinpah’s films seem to bubble and swell out of the filmmaker’s subconscious – what Freud called ‘the dream state’. Time and again he abandons chronological continuity and traditional film grammar in favour of the figurative. He has non-linear sequences instead of non-linear narratives, and deconstructs the very medium of cinema itself in an aggressively proto-Godardian fashion.