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Remembering Mahasweta Devi (1926-2016) on her Birth Anniversary

By Rimli Bhattacharya
As we celebrate her birthday, I would like to remember her as a true feminist icon. She was fearless and courageous. Her work spoke on her behalf. Let us all follow the path paved by Mahasweta Devi by fighting for our rights. Mahasweta Devi shines her light on us and we all are Nirbhayas, the fearless.

Travel: Tajpur by the sea

By Nishi Pulugrtha
The lady manning the shack and the men in the family disentangles the prawn seed from the nets and separates them. These seeds, she tells us, are sold to the prawn farms that we have seen on the way to Tajpur.

What Exactly Happened at Kaliachak, Malda?

By Cafe Dissensus
At the main intersection, some people stopped the vehicle and asked the driver to take an alternative road, which passes through the police station. The alternative road meets the main road after about 1.5 kilometers. But one of the jawans didn’t agree to it and asked the driver to carry on by clearing the people at the rally.

Is Mamata Banerjee indulging in ‘Muslim Appeasement’ in West Bengal?

By Mursed Alam & Mosarrap H. Khan
While the Sachar Committee Report was criticised by the Left Government (which ruled the state for almost 35 years) as based on ‘secondary’ sources, the findings of the ASGG Report, which is based on primary data, not only supports the conclusions of the Sachar Committee Report but points out that the condition of the Muslims has not improved at all since then.

Would My Mother be Lynched for Eating Beef?

By Mosarrap H. Khan
While the beef was eaten with relish, the bones posed a problem. We had to get rid of them before our Hindu neighbors could find out we were actually ‘goru kheko muchuman’ (beef-eating Muslims), a derogatory term used to address Muslims in Bengal.

Jana-Sanskriti: Theatre of the Oppressed

By Amartya Banerjee
Jana-Sanskriti, has been working in these areas since the mid-1980s and through its untiring efforts, it has been able to instill a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility amongst the people. This responsibility refers to the belief that things and situations will not change if one gives up hope. It will change only when they themselves unite in their efforts and harness the collective energy for constructive work.