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Muslim Leadership: An Interview with Mr. Jahangir Hossain

By Mosarrap H. Khan

This is the first interview in a Cafe Dissensus series of pieces titled, ‘Muslim Leadership.’ This series aims to explore the question of Muslim leadership in India in the form of articles, interviews (print & audio-visual), profiles etc.

I met Mr. Jahangir Hossain in an Iftar party (on August 5, 2013) organized by Social Network for Assistance to People (SNAP), which fills the widening information gap among Muslim students in Bengal. Mr. Hossain is the General Secretary of the organization. Currently, SNAP is conducting an extensive survey on the socio-economic condition of Muslims in Bengal. This is the first on-field survey among Muslims, unlike the Sachar Committee Report (2006) which was compiled from secondary data. The SNAP final report is expected to be published in February, 2014 and is expected to ruffle a few feathers.

Here is the website of SNAP.

Since we aim to publish a series on ‘Muslim Leadership’, we invite our readers to submit pieces on this topic in the form of articles, interviews (print & audio-visual), profiles etc.

A special thanks to Mr. Rafikul Islam who made this interview possible.

[Camera: Saptarshi Kundu & Nadira Khan]

[Mosarrap H. Khan is a doctoral candidate in the dept. of English, New York University. He researches in the area of Muslim everyday life in South Asia. He is also the Co-editor of Cafe Dissensus. Check out his  Personal Website.]

[Cafe Dissensus Blog is the blog of Cafe Dissensus Magazine.]

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