So another of our premier institutions is being denigrated and vandalized The one point raised by the protesters meriting attention is the question of misappropriation of funds. And there are very democratic ways to deal with it.The so called student leaders can approach competent authorities and move them to take effective steps to tackle the same. But that is hardly an excuse for transforming the prestigious campus into a theatre of conflict.One is amused to hear the archaic expressions like ‘feudal’,Brahminical’ non-secular’
‘casteist”undemocratic’,’cruel’,ploy’,’cunning’ etc intended to make the text spicy.Is there a class war raging there?A society meriting these attributes doesnt exist anywhere in the world That is why the present day radicals bitten by the bug of revolt nab school children and sell them to sex hungry wolves and loot rustics and tribals for sustenance. Protest is the biggest industry employing all the delinquent teens. A campus like that is not a testing ground for democracy.Democracy is valid only where all are equal.And in a centre of learning the teacher and the taught cant be yoked on democracy All this stems from the fact that there are some bandit elements there who have secured admission there under some guise and who will lose nothing by wrecking it.In the fury of their quixotic assault they have vandalised the library,the heart of the institution and bewail the denial of free access there.The fact is only 10% of ‘scholars’go there to read and the overwhelming 90%to dote on them.It is better that the so called knights of knowledge and the crusaders of democracy leave the place for those who deserve it.