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Rustication of Three Students at EFLU

Prof. Sunaina Singh, since she was appointed as VC of EFLU, has been involved in these kinds of revengeful, undemocratic and anti-student activities by filing fabricated cases and targeting agitating students. Students who have been in the forefront questioning the crores of corruption and the non-secular and castiest practices of the administration headed by Prof. Sunaina Singh have been targeted and rusticated.

Life was Beautiful…: A Dalit Student Ends his Life

By Chapparban Sajaudeen Nijamodeen
The student community requested the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, to show the concrete steps that have been taken to resolve Dalit students’ problems regarding discriminations, suicides, and mental harassments. This action was demanded in light of the Pulyala Raju Committee Report. A Dalit student, Mr. Pulyala Raju, was enrolled in the integrated Linguistics course. He committed suicide in 2012.

Media and Moral Policing: The TV9 Report on UoH Students

By Abu Saleh
After watching the report, the UoH campus community took it seriously. Students responded in social media about the misrepresentation of campus life. False allegations like portraying students as drug and sex addicts were seen as moral policing. Further, it led to a larger debate when the report suggested that the non-locals were damaging ‘culture’ here.