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Solidarity Statement Condemning the Arrest of Salman and Demanding his Immediate Release

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By Concerned Citizens for Salman

On August 20th night 12 pm, Salman, a student and social activist from Trivandrum, was picked up by the police from his home in Peroorkada. The immediate accusation against him was that he had insulted the national anthem while it was being played in a theatre, where he had gone to watch a movie. Later his comments on Facebook, where he questions nationalism as a philosophical and political concept, were also pointed out as a reason for his arrest. It is also being reported that there was a deliberate attempt to frame him by some right-wing Hindutva groups and that they are the ones who are behind his arrest.

There is a clear lack of clarity regarding his arrest and the way it was conducted, late in the midnight hours of August 20th. It is clear, though, that none of the customary norms were followed during his arrest. Even after it was said that Salman was taken to the Thampanoor station, the police themselves later denied this. For a whole night and the next day, even Salman’s parents had no access to him. In fact, Salman was taken from prison to prison like it is usually done with so called ‘notorious terrorists’ and the police refused to give out any information about him both to his parents and to the lawyers who had contacted them. It was only on August 21st evening that it was made known that there was an FIR recorded against him and that a case was registered under IPC 124 A and 66 A charging him for sedition and for sending offensive messages through communicative service. Though there were many other students with him, it is surprising that it was only Salman who was picked out and arrested.

The media, too, automatically reiterated the police version in their reports, without attempting to investigate into the case, inspite of the fact that the police injustice towards Muslim youth is growing day by day. Further, we want to bring attention to the fact that vigilante right-wing Hindutva groups are at present conducting an extremely abusive hate campaign against Salman on Facebook. The abusive comments on his Facebook wall have become so vicious that some even threaten to rape the women who are in support of him.

We strongly condemn the arrest and inhumane treatment of Salman Zalman at the hands of the Kerala police and call for his immediate release. We consider the charging of IPC 124 A (sedition) on him as a gross over stretching of  the sedition act to encroach into the rights of a citizen to criticize the nation.We also condemn the abusive campaign that is being conducted on Facebook against him and the discriminatory nature of the media reporting, which is aiding such human right abuses.

It  must also be noted that whatever the nature of the crime, the withdrawal of constitutionally established human rights is extremely problematic and illegal. We would surely connect the arrest and incarceration of Salman to the way in which Muslim youth in Kerala and elsewhere are being constantly oppressed by the criminal justice system (please remember the case of Muhsin, another Trivandramite youth fabricated in a “letter bomb” case from which he was acquitted only after seven years). To avoid such illegal incarceration and delayed justice we demand that he should be allowed to use his fair legal rights as promised by the constitution.

His arrest is all the more troublesome because he was a student who has been a part of many human rights campaigns in the past and was even an artist in the play that was held in protest against UAPA in front of the Secretariat on August 14th. His clandestine arrest and subsequent secret incarceration and denial of legal access for a whole day and night reeks of police impunity, which selectively target the youth who question state ideology. We must remember that, at this moment, it has become a norm to first arrest, torture and incarcerate Muslims before allowing them to seek any kind of justice. This is sheer discrimination and we urge everyone to come together to condemn the arrest of Salman and to demand his immediate release.


KK Koch, Writer, Activist

Jayan Cherian, Film Maker

Anand Padwardhan, Documentary Film Maker

KK Baburaj, Writer and Activist

Venkitesh Ramakrishnan, Associate Editor, The Hindu / Frontline

T T Sreekumar, Author

Meena Kandasamy, Poet and Author

Amit Bhaduri, Professor Emeritus, JNU

Geevarghese Mor Coorilose, Bishop, Syrian Orthodox Church

Amudhan Ramalingam Pushpam, Documentary Film Maker and Activist

Prof. A.K.Ramakrishnan, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Jolly Chirayath , Human Rights Activist and Convenor, Sthreekootayma

Kavita krishnan, Secretary, AIPWA

Sajeed Khalid, Welfare Party of India

B R P Bhaskar, Writer and Journalist.

Manisha Sethi, Jamia Teachers Solidarity Forum

Sourav Banerjee, Poet & Journalist

Rona Wilson, CRPP

Arun Khote, PMARC Media

K P Sasi, Activist and Film Maker

Leena Manimekalai, Poet and Film Maker

Jenny Rowena, Asst. Professor, Miranda House, DU

Mahtab Alam, Activist, Banglore

Dr. Mh Ilias, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Reny Ayline, Secretary, NCHRO

J Devika, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum

Nivedita Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Janaki Abraham, Delhi School of Economics

Dr Venkitesh Naik, EFLU, Hyderbad

Ranjith Ranjith, EFLU, Hyderabad

Sandeep Samwad, Activist, Delhi

Kirity Roy, Secretary, MASUM

Dr Dibyesh Anand, University of Westminster, UK

Bindu Menon, Academic Delhi University

Nikhila Henry, Journalist, Hyderabad

Ratheesh Radhakrishnan, IIT Bombay

Deepa Vasudevan, Activist, Sahayatrika

Anjali Monteiro, TISS

Naren Bedide, Writer, Round table India.

Anu Ramdas, SAVARIGee Imaan Semmalar, Activist, Bangalore

Rupesh Kumar, Documentary Film Maker

Dr Bhangya Bhukya, Dept of History, Univ of Hyderabad

Huma Dar, Academic, Activist,  UC Berkeley

Karthik Navayan,Activist, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad City Unit

Gopi Krishnan PN, Writer, Kerala

Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist, Raqs Media Collective, New Delhi

Jayaram, Journalist, Bangalore

Saba Dewan, Film maker, New Delhi

Arunima, Academic, JNU

Sabitha TP, University College London, UK.

Deepa Vasudevan, Activist, Kerala

Elizabeth Philip, Activist, Delhi

Dileep V, ViBGYOR Film Collective, Thrissur

Nakul Singh Sawhney, Filmmaker, Delhi

VP Rejeena, Journalist

Ajith Kumar AS, Artist, Writer, Kerala

Dr. Arshad Alam, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Simpreet Sing, Social Activist, Mumbai

Shibi Peter, Student Christian Movement

Kaneeza Fathima, Human Rights Forum, Hyderabad.

Kaveri R Indira, Hyderabad Central University

Bobby Kunhu, Advocate, Kerala

Johnson Joseph, Writer, Activist, Kerala

Namita Aavriti, Activist

Ramlath Kavil, Bombay

Carmel Christy, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi

K.C. Bindu, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Vinay Bhat, California, USA

Ajay S. Sekher , Academic, Writer, Kerala

Anoop Kumar, Activist

Gogu Shyamala, Anweshi, Hyderabad.

Amita Kanekar, activist

Vivek Anand, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Ameet Parameswaran, Visiting Faculty at Jawaharlal Nehru University

Aswanth, Writer, Director, Designer

Rochelle Pinto, CSDS, New Delhi

S Faizi, Environmentalist

Priyanka Basu Roy, Education officer

Afthab Ellath, Software Development Manager, Ministry of Health, Oman

Varsha Basheer, Academic, Trivandrum

Hany Babu, Associate Professor, Delhi University

Shyma P, Academic, Kerala

Adv Kamayani Bali Mahabal, Activist, Mumbai

Sudeep Ben Aadil-Aman Almitra, NIT, Calicut

Parthasarathi Muthukkaruppan, EFL University, Hyderabad

Tathagata Sengupta, University of Hyderabad

K Ashraf, University of Johannesburg

Rajesh Umadevi- Activist, Bangalore

Muhammed Shah, University of Hyderabad

Asad Ashraf, Jamia Students Solidarity Forum

Kiran Shaheen, Journalist and Activist

Sarat Nalagundi, AIMIM, Hyderabad.

Ubaid Rahman, Journalist

Jaseem PP, Journalist

Ameen Hassan, Journalist

Sadique PK, EFL University, Hyderabad

Thahir Jamal KM, University of Hyderabad

Abdul Vajid, Newham College, London

Sateesh Nainala, Telangana Students Association

Mohan Daravat, DABMSA, Hyderabad

Gurram Raavan, Poet, Telangana

Rafeeq Thiruvaloor, Poet and writer

Abul Kalam Azad, IIT Madras

Nabeel Mohammed AR, Hyderabad Central University

Aby Lizy Abraham, Central University of Kerala

Shinumol TC, Hyderabad Central University

Ramziya Ashraf, Calicut

Abdul Kareem, CEO, Oman Tradanet, Oman

Suhaib Nalakath.Mannarkkad.Palakkad.

Sunija MV, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Muhammed Afzal P, EFLU Hyderabad

Shafeek H, Vidyathi Masika, Calicut.

Pratheesh Rani Prakash, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Uzma Qureshi, From “Indian Occupied Kashmir”

Akhil Sasidharan, Trivandrum.

Arjun Hariharan, Thiruvananthapuram.

Pramod Mandade, Mumbai

Aruna Kornana, JNU, New Delhi

Vikram Chukka, Delhi School of Economics

Nidhin Sowjanya , Software Engineer, Bangalore

Archana Rajvir, Bergen, Norway

Ajmal A, Teacher, Karunagapalli

Renny Thomas, JNU

Gajendra Bahuguna, Dehra Dun, STO, IIP

Rohit T Narayan, Heidelberg Univ

Veena Vimala Mani, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

Hashir K Muhammed,   Documentary Activist

Gowhar Fazili DSE, University of Delhi

Vasvi Oza, EFLU, Hyderabad

Nasirudheen Kollathodi, Writer, Kerala

Mohd Muqthar, journalist

M.Deepu -Hyderabad

Fasila AK, student, Govt. Law College Kozhikode

M.Shreela, Thozhilalar koodam, Chennai.

Aswin Vallath, Kozhikode

Ummul Fayiza, MA Student , JNU Delhi

Korvi Vinayakala, Research Scholar, DU Delhi

Prof. Jose Mario Dolor De Vega, Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Unibersidad de Manila

Kamal Vengara, Malappuram

Anita Dube, Artist, New Delhi.

Ali P Kasim IIT Madras

Sreesanth, Ph.D. Scholar, Pondicherry University

Aparajay, Research Student, MIDS, Chennai

SINANU M M. Fisheries Research Center, Jeddah

Arya P Dinesh, Kochi,Kerala

Naveen Ishak, Trivandrum

Sudheesh sudhakar, teacher, Freelance journalist,Kollam

Venkat T, PhD Candidate, University of Madras, Chennai

Nalini Taneja, Delhi university

Seema Duhan, Student CIIS, San Francisco

Muhammad Juneem, Banglore

Krishanu B. Neog, student, TISS.

Anita Cherian, Academic, Delhi.

Mohit Kumar Pandey, JNU, New Delhi

Deepti sreeram, jnu, New Delhi

Pamposh Dhar, Counsellor, Meditation Teacher, Writer/Editor

Subham Rath , IISc, Bangalore.

Nele Marien Coordinator CBD Alliance

Vikrant Tongad, Environmental Activist & founder of SAFE

Saifulla CMP, Kerala

Dr. Anjali Monteiro, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Jyothidas k v, artist and research scholar, JNU

Joshua Isaac K, Activist, Chennai.

Jaseela CV, M.Phil Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Calicut University

Natarajan, Advocate, Chennai

K.P. Jayasankar, Professor, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

Ilyas M Osama, Chennai.

Renoir, Thiruvannur, Kozhikode, Kerala.

Prajeesh A G, Scientist-‘B’, IITM, Pune.

Ajmal A, Indian Institute of Mass communication, New Delhi

Sarath Kumar, Web designer, Calicut

Unnimaya, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

Hafees kolakkodan juail, KSA

Sutanaya, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha.

Jeevan, UTOPIA

Midhun Mohan, Goa

Subrahmanian Naduvalath N, Activist

Ain ul Khair, Student, Jamia Millia Islamia

Anshif majeed, Calicut Kerala

Jobin Kanjirakkat Manipal, Research Scholar, Mangalore

Saju Kochery, Kozhikode,

Mtp Rafeek, Journalist, Doha

Nileena, Bohemia

Dr. Joseph Makkolil, CUSAT

Jahfer Sharif, PhD Student, Indian Institute of Science

Deepak AG, MA Sociology student, Madras University.

Veena Surendran, Research scholar, Department of Geography, University of Madras

Suzanne Adely (International Association of Democratic Lawyers)

Meera M Panicker, IITM

Saleem, NRI

Asif Muhammed (Media Activist)

Jasmin G Russel, IISER Kolkata

K K Sisilu, Calicut Kerala

Hyrunneesa.P, Palakkad

Arunraj.AK,,Finance Dept, Egypt Air,Qatar

Anju Parvathy , MA student, Delhi University

Muhammed Vasil, University of Hyderabad

Thufail Koran, Hyderabad Central University

Sayoob, IIT Madras

Saifudheen Kunju S, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Ra Sh, Palakkad

Mahesh R Padayankal, IIT Madras.

Yunus Saleem, Calicut

Yasir Arafath C, Calicut

Haris MN, New Collage, Chennai

Basima Muhammed, UoH, Hyderabad

Ali Ahsan, JNU, New Delhi

Asif KV, JNU, New Delhi.

Ziyana Fazal, JNU, New Delhi

Shihab Parayil, UoH, Hyderabad

Ayoob Rahman, University of Hyderabad

Waseem RS, JNU, New Delhi

Muhsina Ashraf, MANUU, Hyderabad

Abdul Rahman UP, University of Hyderabad

Afsal ES, University of Hyderabad

Dontha prasanth, Ambedkar Students Association, Hyderabad

Zameer, Ambedkar Students Association, Hyderabad

Arun A, University of Hyderabad

Simi Korote, University of Hyderabad

Samia Vasa, Ambedkar University, Delhi

Anupama Ramachandran, SIAS Media School

Rollie Mukherjee, M.S University.

Harshali Potdar, TISS

Heidi Sande Mariam, JNU

Hasna Shahitha Gipsy, Activist, Law Student.

Rajeeve Chelanat, Activist ,Palakkad

Pratheesh Rani Prakash, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Venkat Narasimham, Activist

Deepak Mercy Johnson, Activist Chennai

Jahfer Sharif, Indian Institute of Science.

Seemanth, National Institute of OCeanography

Tedy Xavier, Activist, Attapadi, Kerala

Shibin MadathilTrainee Copywriter at Fertile-isle

Sujay Radhakrishnan  Tv new

Sethu CA, Student activist ,Thamil Nadu

Nisha Thaikkalour, National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi

Akhil Sasidharan, Trivandrum.

Ameet Parameswaran, Delhi

Sajeer Bin Abbas, Oman

Nileena Sreelatha Balaram, Pondicherry

Yasir Arafath C, SIO, Calicut

Jayaraj KP, Research Scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

Sayoob, Research Scholar,  IIT Madras

Micah Thambi, Research Scholar at Central University of Kerala

Che George, freelance Photographer

Muthuvel Janakarajan, Software engineer.

Zorba Suhaib Zorba, Freelance Content Writer

Sulaiman Vetukad, Vadakancherry.

Waseem Kolakodan, Admission Communication.

Mujeeb Rahman,BBC journalist, Delhi.

Faisel Nilgiris, SIO.

Sipra Mukherjee,West Bengal University, Kolkata

Kisholoy Chesta Choluk, Activist,

Poorva Rajaram, Activist

Achuth, Research Scholar EFLU, Hyderabad

Fasal Rahman, WPI

Uma, Ernakulam

Dileep, Thrissur.

Irshad, Malappuram.

Tapoja Chaudhuri,Kolkatta

Devan, Thiruvanathapuram

Anoop Pattat, Irinjallakkuda

Mosarrap H. Khan, Doctoral Candidate, NYU

Pallavi Muraleedharan

Gilbert Sebastian

Pamposh Dhar

Soumyadeep Guha

Sham Vishal Bhat

Asmita Chaudhuri

Prathyush Chandran

Yunus Saleem, Calicut

Anindya Chakra

Sayed Fasil

Goban Gopalakrishnan

Debarati Das

Shoham Sen

Mohammed Fawaz

Aravindh Chidambaram

Noyal David

Mrudula Bhavani

Jeny Dolly

Pragya Pragya

Noyal David

Srinika Narayan

Armaan Rm

D Sreejith

Devadyouti Das

Shaji K Shajin

Grazia Borrini-Feyerabend


Akhil Mohan

Ravanan, Kannur

Inam Ibnu

Abdul Majeed

Sudeep Sudhakaran

Remya Ramachandran

Bachoo mahe

Edwin David Sam

Rihan Moithu

Soumya Joseph

Sethu CA

Pyari S


Aaron Antony

Shajeer , Dubai

Shamsudheen Paravatty

Sajad S Santhosh

Rohitavra Majumdar

Bachoo Mahe,

Shaji K

Shibil Puthukod

Sreejith Nair

Ritam Sengupta

Kalpana Mehta

Santosh Kumar

Antonio M. Claparols

Gargi Bhattacharya

Muhammed Rissal

Ilyas Mohamed Osama

Prajeesh Krish

Debarati Das

Subhasree Manohar

Venkat Narasimham

Sambasivam Manikandan

Ishan Tankha

Gangadin Lohar

Shreela Manohar

T A Subramanya Paddillaya

Devadyouti Das

Santosh Kumar

Che George

Viva Revolucinema

Balaji Thiruvadi

[This statement was sent by KT Hafis, doctoral student, EFLU, on behalf of Concerned Citizens for Salman.]

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