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Photo-Essay: Bench Love

By Shruthi Rao
I’ve tried to ascertain why I love benches so much. It could be, perhaps, due to its very nature and purpose. Because they call out to you. To pause. To snack. Enjoy the shade. Read a book. Take in the view. Watch the world go by. Sit in quiet contemplation. Or enjoy a conversation.

The Shadow of Lynching

By Fahad Hashmi
The idea of ‘being a Muslim in contemporary India’, it could easily be inferred from happenings around us, is an ‘empty signifier’ where a Muslim could be one of these at a given place: a beef consumer, a trader of cows and calves, a child-lifter, a Romeo, a progeny of Babar, a Pakistani, a traitor, and, of course, a terrorist.

Poem: Conches

By Shreenidhi Rajagopalan
Now, thoughts are tinged with saffron
dots that escape visibility,
our WhatsApp forwards with 2002 splotches of fear.

Social Concerns and Human Relationships: The Cinema of K. Viswanath

By Nishi Pulugurtha
In the era when Telugu films, released in the late 1970s and 1980s, were characterized by outlandish costumes and glaring colour, meaningless violence and absence of good plots, Viswanath’s films stood out by their sensitivity and concerns. Viswanath’s films successfully negotiated the chasm between offbeat/parallel cinema and popular films.

Qatar Blockade: Now the GCC versus the GCC

By Fazzur Rahman
President Trump’s new doctrine for the region is primarily centered against Iran and the current isolation of Qatar is the inauguration of this doctrine. This is a clear and stern message that the GCC rulers would have no business with those who harbor an iota of sympathy for Iran or any plan of accommodating the Shiite nation in post-Obama security architecture.