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Padman: A Visual Therapy for De-Schooling Menstruation

By Aamir Qayoom
Little did one expect that the film Padman will take the issue as visual therapy to recondition mental geographies of people about menstruation taboos! Little did we prognosticate that it will take menstruation away from whispers, and promote thinking to stay free from wry smiles of awkwardness!


From JNU to Kashmir: Crime? and Punishment for Students!

By Shahwar Kibria & Mir Mudasir Gul
While the JNU student community is embroiled in an unending nightmare and endless trials since February 2016 and gross injustice meted out by its own administrative system, the civil service aspirants in J&K are facing unexplainable stress, mental harassment and strategic alienation facilitated by an inconsiderate, insensitive, unfair and a highly incompetent administrative body – the JK PSC.

Sir Syed’s vision of democratic education

By Muhammed Shafeeque
The first students’ union in India was set up at AMU to inculcate values of democracy. The union resembled the Oxford debating club and he offered special awards to the best speakers. This reinforces his commitment to education, which must hone democratic values in students.

Café Dissensus is five today

While Café Dissensus continues to tread uncharted territories, Café Dissensus Everyday remains committed to featuring current affairs/culture/literature and new/young writers. In 2018, around 140,000 people visited our sites. We hope this will continue to grow in the coming years.

Short Story: Honour

By Dev Chaudhry
Why so much fuss over these two young souls falling in love, why has the whole world turned against them, why has the whole world become their adversary? Why was love so abhorred, why was it so threatening that people come to this stage in their hate, in their opposition?

Ankit Saxena’s murder: Text and context

By Ananya S Guha
Inter-faith marriages have been dubbed as ‘love jihad’. Before Ankit, Afrajul was killed on the pretext of ‘love jihad’. Things concocted to produce hatred become reality, a reality purged of truth. This then becomes the pretext for murder. And this slow poison of hatred gnaws at the innards of an otherwise organic society.

Support Group and the Caregiver for Alzheimer’s

By Nishi Pulugurtha
At times, it is very frustrating, but I needed to go on because Amma needed me the most. Everything is upsetting emotionally and mentally. My smiles might be hiding a lot behind them. It is hence very important to take breaks, do things that will help to cope with moments of tension and stress at home.

An Interview with Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Sudeshna Ray

By Rimli Bhattacharya
I was intrigued always by the wonders and joys of nature’s supreme showcase of power through a pregnancy and childbirth and I wanted to be an active participant in it. Women’s health issues are also interesting as they are hardly isolated and only physical. The challenge lies in understanding the emotions behind them and then address them successfully.

Two Poems

By Mekhala Chattopadhyay
One day, we shall become the comics
At the end of the page,
Which goes unnoticed by grand ideas.