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Short Story: Scourge

By Ranita Raha Paul
I am coming back to life. For I am the undead. I am a predator. I am Dracula’s descendent. I am immortal. I am a vampire. This is the absolute reality, and my agreement with reality defines my life. Before you crucify me with your malevolent puritanism, know this: I am a by-product of mutation. I am a survivalist.


The paradoxes of social media spaces

By Ananya S Guha
If internet connectivity through the mobile phone has created wider spaces of information and knowledge, it has also shrunk those spaces in the most harmful of ways. However much we talk about education abetted by technology, e-learning, and online learning, this hasn’t led to a holistic education that can counter hate, prejudice, and bigotry.

Aquatic invasive fish: A major threat to Indian biodiversity

By Ratna Ghosal
The suckermouth catfish, a native to South America and a popular aquarium species, has spread into the open waters in several states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. These catfish have a hard external armor and are highly oxygen tolerant, with no value as a food fish and face no predation pressure in the introduced range.

Two Poems

By Fatima Zehra
nevertheless I found peace in
your lewd reciprocity and
tragic seasonal violence,
your trapped sunset hues; 

Film: Women in ‘Lust Stories’

By Prashila Naik
Bhumi Pednekar, a generally fine actress, does wonders with this role. The scene where she serves tea to the two sets of parents and then walks towards the bedroom to serve the younger ‘couple’, is a stunning indictment of how deep-rooted class-divides will continue to remain, even if physical and sexual boundaries are crossed.

Many Shujaats Will Be Born

By Rameez Raja
Bukhari’s only fault was his attempt for a peaceful settlement of the unresolved Kashmir dispute. Additionally, he never hesitated to speak against the wrong policies and double-standards of the government in the valley. While he might not have won the hearts of the haters of peace, he is now a role model for the new faces of the Kashmiri people, who believe that pen is mightier than the gun.

Infertility and Women

By Rimli Bhattacharya
If you are desperate to hear the word, ‘Mother’, you can always go for adoption and give an orphan a home. My friend, who I started the article with, dealt with her depression by seeking help from a therapist. When all medical interventions failed, she too went for an adoption and adopted a girl child. While it’s a blessing to pass on the bloodline, it is a double blessing to adopt an orphan. Be kind, be grateful for the fact that you are infertile. So that you can be a mother to all those orphans, who had a mother once but are motherless and in need to love.

India’s consistent penchant for torture violates human rights

By Basit Farooq and Shariqa Naseer
According to NCRB, 1584 deaths occurred in prisons in 2015, suggesting that there was one death every 6 hours. Apart from health issues and age factors, torture as reported by Human Rights Watch was a major cause of these deaths. Agnelo, as stated above, was one of the 591 people who died in police custody between 2010 and 2015 as per NCRB.

We are sex workers; Don’t rob us of our identity!

We have time and again stressed that many women, men and transgender persons voluntary engage in sex work and would request NGOs, governmental agencies, media and others to respect that. Many NGOs and government agencies are using the ‘raid-and-rescue’ and ‘rehabilitation’ strategy that causes immense harm to our communities. Under these circumstances branding us as merely “oppressed women” will only make matters worse.