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‘Love Jihad’: A new weapon in the armoury of right-wing Hindu groups in India

By Aijaz Ahmad Turrey and Inamul Haq
If majoritarian violence in the name of cow and ‘Love Jihad’ doesn’t stop, India would descend into a state of morbid hooliganism and fascism that Germany witnessed after 1933. The country which can burn alive a human being can transgress any imaginable boundary of barbarity.


Kanchanmala Pande defies disability to win swimming gold

By Rimli Bhattacharya
In July, 2017, Pande, who is only twenty six, was selected in the Indian team for her outstanding performance at the IDM Berlin Para Swimming Championship. Back in Berlin, she had to beg for money as the amount approved by the Government for her tournament did not reach her. She was also fined for traveling ticketless in the public transport.

Babri Mosque demolition 25 years on

By Mosarrap H Khan
On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the demolition of Babri Mosque, let me assert that the calamitous events on 6 December, 1992, have crippled Indian Muslims irreversibly just when many Muslims seemed ready to take off like their Hindu counterparts.

Short Story: Abandoned

By Kamayani Kumar
Ammi had been violated; her pristine chaste body had been trespassed upon by men while my father watched in horror. He had been incapable of resisting the mob, largely constituting of my Sikh ‘uncles’ from the neighbourhood.

Book Review: Lopamudra Banerjee’s ‘Let The Night Sing’

By Wani Nazir
Lopamudra Banerjee’s recent book, Let the Night Sing, a bouquet of her poetic musings, without any hyperbole, belongs to the poetry that opens up even the shriveled and plugged channels of creativity in the reader. Opening the cover page of the book, the reader embarks on an odyssey with a longing that there be no end to it.

Rethinking the Kashmir conflict in the light of Marx’s concept of religion

By Mansoor Ahmad
Religion is the opium of the masses; this is probably the best-known quotation by Karl Marx, the German economist and Communist political philosopher. In this context, I take it to mean that without doing anything concrete to solve the Kashmir conflict, people are hoping (religious hope) that everything will be fine by the grace of Allah or hoping that Allah will take our revenge against those who are oppressing us.

Padmavati controversy: What is history?

By Ananya S Guha
Did Khilji’s falling in love with the Queen determine the forces of history? The praxis of history is change, laws of determinants taking further course into the future – it is futuristic. It is past as well, when viewed from the vantage point of the present.