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Coronavirus, Critical Geographies and Geospatial Revolution

By Mir Sajad
In India, MapmyIndia Maps and Move app enable users to locate, view and reach testing labs nearby and subsequent isolation and treatment facilities. Users can have a first-hand account of the facilities and can add reviews of the centres there, helping other users with updated and critical knowledge regarding the conditions and status of quarantine and isolation facilities.

Your Ram resides within you, why wander outside?

By Dipanjali Deka
We can fight all we want for a historical Ram, pinning him down to this space and that site. Unless we realize the formless nirgun Ram within, we shall keep falling flat on the outer mirages here and there. After all, the treasures that we seek are already there within!

Short Story: Leo

By Srirupa Dhar
Right now, Aadi desperately wanted to believe that Leo would come back with the same swing and spark defying the power of Nature and redefine the undying regenerative spirit of humanity.

Covid-19: Is India prepared enough?

By Javaid Bashir Mir
Despite improvements in healthcare access and quality, India lags way behind its BRICS peers such as Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa on the HAQ index. This index was based on 32 causes of death considered preventable with effective medical care.

Life in the Time of Corona

By Rashid Askari
We have to adopt ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure’ policy for Bangladesh because the curative measures available in Bangladesh are not adequate for our needs.

Can India’s mazdoor survive the Covid-19 lockdown?

By Soma Mandal
Covid-19 lockdown should not be turned into an aggressive political exercise to promote the agenda of nationalism. The instance of permanent lockdown without addressing the state’s inadequacy to provide food and health services exemplify overdetermination of the government in various aspects.

Articulating the inarticulate, listening, and slowing down in times of the CAA and COVID-19

By Tonima Singh
It feels that the earth is protesting against the fascist and the capitalist ways of life to slow down, to not rush and step back, literally and metaphorically. And it is in these times of bearing witness to the social isolation and slowdown that it becomes clearer that others are experiencing a similar loss of past self and the emergence of a new one.