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Nuclear Terrorism: Science Fiction or Reality?

By Rameez Raja
How to protect the world from unauthorized use of nuclear weapons is largely debated at the international level. The irony is that the nuclear states prefer to secure nuclear weapons from falling into ‘wrong hands’ than to eliminate this evil weapon once for all.

An Exclusive Mother India?

By Somok Roy
From the anthropomorphisation of the nation in the form of a fair, Hindu mother goddess during the anti-colonial struggle, to the characterisation of the land as ‘pitr-bhumi’ and ‘punya-bhumi’ in a bid for a communal, majoritarian, cultural nationalism, a large section of the under-mass has never been able to relate to the images and notions of nationality.

Flash Fiction: Entwined

By Amrita De
The newspapers next day reported my death, as another failed instance of a fragile attempt by an upper caste emancipator to voice the suffering of the ‘need to be emancipated’ Dalit woman. There were no protest marches or fevered sloganeering.  

Muslims in a Hindu Right India

By Arif Khan
The lynching and the anti-Muslim rhetoric for now have led to not just a feeling of siege but have also exposed hidden prejudice among friends and families. This is certainly true of my friends and family. Some uncles and cousins now find it acceptable to forward hate-filled posts against other religious communities on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social networking sites.

The Kashmir you will never understand

By Faakirah Irfan
While I write this, the Internet connections of various service providers have been shut down. The social media services have been banned, and the only thing working in the state of Kashmir is the ongoing conflict.

Remembering Zygmunt Bauman (1925-2017): A voice for the outcasts, marginalized, and dispossessed

By Mir Suheel Rasool
Bauman was a strong moral voice for the outcasts, marginalized, and dispossessed in a world upended by globalisation. He wrote for people, whose chances of a dignified life are destroyed by the new borderless world. Whether he was writing about the Holocaust or globalisation, his focus remained on how humans can create a dignified life through ethical decisions.