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What We Learnt on the International Yoga Day (IYD), 2015

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By Café Dissensus

Yoga is an idea, whose time has come.

Yoga was invented by Patanjali. Yoga was invented by the Congress. Yoga is invented by Narendra Modi.

Around 35, 000 people demonstrated their yoga skills in Delhi on the International Yoga Day (henceforth IYD). And millions around the globe.

Yoga has made India win. Yoga is a great Narendra Modi moment.

There is Ganja Yoga. There is Bikram Yoga.

IYD has brought yoga back to a pure form.


IYD has produced Ramzan Yoga, done when you are fasting.

Yoga makes Muslim ladies in burqas stand in a line to drop their children, who were headed to Rajpath, err, Yogpath.

India’s Muslim rulers and sufi saints were often yoga enthusiasts.


Yoga makes you lose context on a TV debate.

Yoga doesn’t give equal time to all the panelists on a TV debate.

Yoga makes one impatient on a TV debate.

Yoga is collective muscle-flexing. (One panelist on a TV debate was seen rolling up her sleeves.)


Yoga teaches truth. Yoga is a spectacle.

Yoga is an emotional moment. Yoga makes one ‘childlike’.

Yoga confuses people. Yoga makes you compare Modi with Buddha. Narendra 2 becomes Narendra 1.

Yoga celebrates the spirit of openness.

Yoga helps in discovering a sense of oneness with self, with each other, and with nature.

Yoga cannot be patented. Yoga is part of an intellectual and medical commons.

Yoga is an antidote to negative thoughts. Yoga is a search for inner peace.

Poonam Pandey celebrating International Yoga Day

Yoga transformed Rajpath into a Yogpath.

Yoga is a tool of patriotism. Yoga is not about patriotism and citizenship.

Yoga is a stunt. Yoga is propaganda. Yoga is about branding.

Yoga is a political choice. Yoga is a personal choice.

Yoga is a heritage. Yoga doesn’t divide. Yoga is a discipline that’s good for all, of all ages, of all types.

AtmAsfera, Ukrainian Music Band, celebrating IYD

Nehru, Morarji Desai, PV Narsimha Rao practiced yoga.

 Yoga produces dissenting voices.

Yoga proves the leadership of our Prime Minister.


IYD makes you talk about all funny, funny things, except for yoga.

Yoga is an integral part of our daily lives. Yoga should be adopted as a way of life.

Yoga is India’s soft power. Yoga is India’s cultural power.

Yoga not only brings peace to mind and body but frees one from many diseases.

Yoga is not circus. Some poses make you look like a monkey. But yoga is about stillness.

There are 21 badass yogis around the world.


On IYD, yoga has a new asana: Foot-in-the-Mouth Asana (FITMA).

International Yoga Day (IYD) is a very glorious day.


Finally, we beg to ask Ms. Kiran Bedi: Since IYD has brought rain to Delhi, does yoga also promise to sprout grass on the arid patch? 


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