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Two Poems

By Linda Ashok 

Decomposing a Sonnet

When Philoctetes tapped on my back & said, Hi,
I looked around at those fifty oarsmen cheering
They didn’t mean it for him, I am sure. They
were busy with the bartenders: I asked about
those sturdy breasts of the viper-maid left to rot
in his heels, if he recovered from such thing unrequited
If he’s still as much confident about archery, if he
has returned the bow to Heracles, his days of island:
He asked for the count and I replied ‘SEVEN’ & odd
glasses of mischief: He said, Hanks robbed his strife,
drew faces on coconut shells and mocked his prudence:
Honestly, I was not keen in all that jazz—old hag
had no business with me even after years, he
believes in self-help for his playful knob & eschatology:


The Voodoo Eye He Doodled on My Wound

There’s an eye in every injury for the wound to see the world
To record love, saline, and other poison

The one on my ankle, has seen you clothed in cicada’s call
Razing the savannah, readying me in dream for the bed

It has seen you with a baton reading the pink hieroglyph
oozing white ink with which you glazed my burnt skin

There’s an eye in every injury for the world to see the wound
like a black bird masked in snow longing to stay

[Photo Courtesy: Here]


Linda Ashok is a poet from Kolkata, living in Hyderabad, India. She was one of the 25 feature poets selected by the Prakriti Foundation for the Hindu Lit for Life, 2014. She was also selected for the 2015 Napa Valley Writer’s Workshop with Arthur Sze. Linda’s poetry appeared in various online journals, the most recent being the Big Bridge Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry. Her review/s can be found on the ‘The Rumpus’. Won the Wordweavers 2015 Dabble contest. Linda tweets at @thebluelimit. More:

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