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Three Poems

By Sumallya Mukhopadhaya

The Unknown Street

Neither the searching eyes of a newly conceived mother, looking at a boy
Begging at the local railway station, nor a father’s refusal to trade his bank notes,
To bring a smile on his son’s face, could stop the sunstroke street
From embracing the autumn afternoon with delight; the dusted street,
Follows the gaze of all who walk through it.
On turning, the street opens up to the sky
Like a virgin’s reticent approval to make love for the first time.
I realize these fifty shops, five-hundred workmen, and
Five-thousand drugged souls cannot penetrate my chilling voice –
Voice, which plays in loop to my ears, that this street
Is the only poetry I will ever read, and perhaps



Stretched like a bird of prey,
You soar on the floor, your fingers
Touching the callous little light of the moon
Through the melancholic half-closed window.
On lighting a matchstick, you perceive
The thickness of the darkness, and the freckled skin
Of her back which embellishes the spinal cord.
Like numerous meteors, the marks rest on her –
As weary as the battlefield of Kurukshetra,
Trampled in moans and cries of everyday exploits.
And you are suffused in a sense of security,
As she sleeps in the vigil of your arms,
Deceiving the weariness, the moonbeams and time;
And you watch yourself burn in the funeral pyre,
Burn with a desire,  profane, yet childlike.


On a Full Moon Night

This night at 1 o’clock suddenly rings a bell
To the joy of many
Running free from routine classes.
Joy in faces, in fields as vast
As tonight’s sky.
Joy to stuff lunch boxes in one bite;
Joy to grab someone else’s lunch;
And more joy to run after someone
Like the clouds’ eagerness to catch the moon full.
And even more joy
If someone fell
Like the moon’s reflection
On a surface of anchored water.

Photo-credit: Here

Sumallya Mukhopadhyay is a former student of Department of English, Presidency University, Kolkata. At present, he is stuck in his life brooding what he could do next. Other than reading and writing, Sumallya takes to the streets in various mass movements.

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