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Two poems

By Ananya S Guha


and can I go the
Hercules path
of mountains and bath
of a big big fight, might
is right, of muscles
and masculinity, sans
femininity, of big ogre
fantasy and big brother
rapacity, of moronic

or can I go a little wayward
inward, canny, uncanny
like the fetish many
I love life too often
to soften to inner
tranquillity, mine, yours

disable then all the towers
all the powers, take a reclusive
insight into an inner, wider
chasm of might.


Broken Light 


in some place
somewhere birth
or mirth is demeaning
somewhere or, sometime
it is worth dying;
place does not matter
only assure wolves
do not hound the body
devoid of birth
left only with, birthmarks.


when history unwound life
in bitter strife
of unleashing birth, death
it was felt that wars
would open doors of rest
for superior best


and when they started scratching
first with stones and fires
then with guns and the bomb
to seek the inner tomb
they did not know
history was upholstery


now we know what
this search is all about
dirty talk roundabout
how those bombs
will bring peace
to our much glorified
human race


scratched many lives
God, then left man
to scatter thrones
and then, oh, those bones


which he is now
in the penultimate meeting
with God, Heaven and the rest
the very best
including that old war horse
Satan, who at will
can push that dreaded button


hope, where are you?
some find it in dope


ashes will tell
where gashes are
the wound, round


now we are all going
the autumn, summer,
winter way
rain of pain
all going in different paths


Leave it at that,
ponder, wonder
how man’s miserable
weapon of delight
is shards of broken light.

Painting: Guernica (Pablo Picasso)

Ananya S Guha lives in Shillong where he has been raised. He has over thirty four years of teaching and administrative experience. He has seven collections of poetry. His poems have been widely anthologized and published internationally. His articles on Education and Distance Education have appeared in National and International journals. He writes book reviews for newspapers and e-zines and edits poetry columns for The Thumb Print Magazineand The Peregrine Muse. Currently he is a very senior academic in the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India.


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