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Two Poems

Painting/Iza Caparas

By Anubhav Majumdar

Timed to Imperfection

More than what
Always races a step ahead
Ahead of life
Ahead of
Of the stories of
A storyteller.

Is a storyteller
Perhaps the greatest of all
In telling stories
Less about the clock
And the fast hands
But more about you
And your gentle hands
Bidding adieu
When time stood still
And slow
Slower than the dripping sands
Of the hour glass
Even slower than me at times
As I ran and time walked
Slower than my skipped beat
When I chanced to get a glimpse
Of you
With you.

Was never about seconds
Time was about safeboxes
Where we packed moments
Bits and pieces of memories
And us
When to travel in time
We needed no machine
But nostalgia
Seeping veins
Permeating hearts
Until we ran short of time
And time ran short of us
When time couldn’t heal us
Nor could we heal time
Our times
Our faiths

Is where I put faith upon
Looking up to a day
When I take my boy out for a game
You, your princess go out for shopping
If we do meet at the cross
Our kids surely would have
Enough time to forget everything
And for us
Enough reasons to forget everything.


You, Me, and Us

If I were to forget you

I would have forgotten
Those blurred DSLR images
These brighter canvas sketches
Of you

And of us
In the hustling Monday crowd
In the lengthy queues
In the busy avenues
Bustling with lives
In the lively city of lives
In sharing lives

In messy moments of missing
In uncertainties of certain conversations
In minimizing distances
Between two distant souls
In dim-backlighted chats
In persistent pings
When seconds came second
To our projected infinities
To our endless wish lists
In sharing secrets
Concealing more
Than our passwords ever can
In sharing our
Days and nights alike

In brighter days
In the peeping afternoon sun
Streaming gently down
Your glistening strands
In starry nights
In your starry eyes
In my gazing lesser at the stars
And more at you

In darker days
In colder nights
In us holding
Not just our hands
But our lives

Parts of my life –
More than my life

All these I will remember
And forever.

Anubhav Majumdar 
studies Electronics and Communications Engineering at NIT, Durgapur, West Bengal, India.


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