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The celebration of holy Milad-al-Nabi and the persecution of the fragile Burmese child

By Ahmad Ibrahim

When I observed the child being killed, shot to death, crying out, and drowning into the deep water, two questions began to haunt me incessantly.

First, where is this child?

Second, why is he suffering there?

This small child lives in this beautiful planet earth as I live in. He also seems to be quite peaceful living under the vast sky ornamented with shining stars like I live. He prays, too, to the God whom I call in my prayers for showering the (water) drops of mercy upon the dwellers of the earth.

Before you ask me to name the child, I want to ask you about the name of the Madam (Aung San Suu  Kyi). It doesn’t matter if you know the name already.

In addition, I want her to answer whether she knew these three names:

1) Japanese Red Army

2) Italian Right wing and Left wing

3) German Baader-Meinhof (Red Army Faction)

Let’s just stop talking about this now and focus on understanding the things that reveal the scene  behind the curtain.

Who is she (Suu Kyi)?

She is Aung San Suu  Kyi, the Nobel laureate; she is the most important  political leader in Myanmar. While she solidifies her political presence in one part of the land,

that fragile child is being persecuted in the other part!

that fragile child is being drowned in deep water in the other part!

that fragile child is being burned alive in the other part!

that fragile child is being slammed to cry in the other part!

Yes, Suu  Kyi, she is the empress who holds the throne in these parts of the Burmese land, even with the knowledge and consent of United Nations. The Burmese armed forces are those who let the Rohingyans be attacked in the Rakhine province of Myanmar, destroying their settlements, persecuting their women and children, displacing millions of people by way  of ethnic cleansing. They are dead for no reason, except that they were peaceful Muslims.

Let’s get back to the previous questions that we asked Aung San Suu  Kyi in order to find answers: Who were the Japanese Red Army? Who were the Italian Left wing and Right wing? Who was the German ally of Baader-Meinhof?

Madam Suu Kyi believes that she could sleep peacefully once she is beyond the border, unaware of the things, despite the number of ‘blind’ bullets throughout the streets. She has failed to understand its implications, as the blind bullets  made its own way in the state. The bullets are unable to differentiate between those who sit and the ones who were compelled to sit, between those who sleep in the luxurious beds and those in the bed of a hospital.

The most ironic thing in the case of Madam Suu Kyi is that she is the Nobel laureate for peace; yet, she has to understand the history of anger. She doesn’t know the fact the most trivial outcome of the atrocious actions of anger is in the form of a new byproduct of those evil means and ways, legitimising the use of weapon for the mass destruction. This expulsion and otherisation result in the birth of new and aggressive mafias and militias.

The Japanese dictatorship, which prevailed with utmost atrocity and animosity, before the Second World War, came to an end with the retreat. Thereafter new seeds of extremism sprouted. The people who called themselves ‘Japanese Red Army’ drenched the roads in blood.

In Italy, Mussolini’s dictatorship was very destructive, humiliating, and persecuting. Once it was over after the Italian defeat in the Second World War, the Italian people believed that the Romans will welcome the parliament with joy and reverence. Unforutantely, and yet quite naturally, it was followed  by the genesis of the Italian Right wing and the Left wing.

I’m pretty sure that Suu Kyi has’t read about the Italian Red Brigades. Otherwise she would have become very conscious about the rise of this yellow fascism…

In Hitler’s Germany, Hitler was seen as an enlightening power for Germany and as a frightening power for the rest. Africans were brutally persecuted by them. Finally, the Germans fell. And from this spirit of enmity and revenge, a new embryo of brutality and killing was born: Baader-Meinhof, the gang responsible of abducting, harassing, and killing.

In her personal journal, Madam Suu Kyi should carefully read the history of anger, with regard to its reverberations and implications. She should be much more careful regarding this than she cares for her Nobel Prize certificate. This anger, which has destroyed the delicate nature of the peaceful people of Myanmar, would never end without leaving the same brutal imprint of anger to reappear in future. Like its  expansion in Italy, Germany and Japan, this so-called embryo will resurface suffocating humanity. There is no difference whether it happens with the Rohingyas in Burma or in Greater Syria and Iraq.

In this holy Milad-al-Nabi, we don’t celebrate with musical songs or some such things. But we, Muslims, do request help from the ruler of the whole universe with the following:

My lord! With the holiness of the month of your prophet, please shower help upon the child burned in Myanmar, and killed in Iraq for being Muslim.

Ahmad Ibrahim is a well-known businessman and writer from the UAE. The piece first appeared in Arabic in Al-Watan News Daily in the UAE. It has been translated into English by Muhammad Ashraf, research intern at Madeenathunnor, Calicut, Kerala. 


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