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Three Poems

Photo: Women Under Siege

By Parag Mallik

How to break Hearts


Spread out your arms as wide as you can and morph your body into jewels that charm, spilling glitter as you walk, footprints made of rose petals for someone to step upon, eyes casting spells of love and wrap your mind in gold, stepping ahead to trip, so they fall, in love.


Hold sparks on your fingers when you touch their hands as the warmth spreads and reaches the heart which responds to your gesture through words of magic. Let your charming eyes speak your intention while they pour streams of love into your pores, seeping into your skin, endlessly. Claw your nails into their chest and touch their heart with the lightest of fingers.


Use your lips as a trap, created to deceive, gleaming with affection, to reach out and tug at their souls, slowly inhaling it within yourself as you fill your vacuum, leaving for them a hollow, a numbness. Match your footsteps with the beat of their hearts, till you realize you’re tired.


When every part of your skin has been charged, slow down your steps, pirouette down to your heart and push against the small crack you left, with slow but forceful strikes. Begin to tear apart the soul you breathed, till it can take no longer and tries to escape through your mouth as words of destruction. Bend your arms and twirl like a tornado till you’ve blown away into oblivion.


Stretch your hand, raising it high in the air, pushing all your might up into your palm. Lock your eyes on the heart you just broke, dripping with pain and tired of beating for you. Take your aim, gracefully spin around, flash a smile. Bring down your fist and before it escapes.


Veil of Warfare

Leap to the future and history books will talk of you
Exactly like they talk about wars now.
Your horrors will transmute into heritage sites.
Your wrecked stones will trap stories forever.
Stories – full of innocence, bloodshed and doleful tears.
You’ll speak firmly but your insides will clench
Because your heart has skipped beats
At every explosion on your barren chest.



Parag Mallik is a student pursuing a career in Medicine. When free from academics, he enjoys writing and maintaining his blog, where he uses his abstract imagination over issues in the form of poetry to paint his idea of emotions and equality. He holds a strong opinion against violence in any form. He also has a knack for music, books, and comedy.


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