It’s hard to find a better list of “books to read” in one single post. I appreciate your collection very much.
As far as renouncing the mother tongue goes, personally it’s impossible for me to do so. I do not have a problem in reading Hindi and I think almost 50% of the time, still in Hindi. My first choice of music also remains in my mother tongue. But writing is a whole different issue. I struggle in weaving a plot or a poem in Hindi now and often use dictionaries to find “better” words! Still, it’s not the basics of the language that trouble me but the vocabulary one would want to use in a write up.
However, I have seen young teens in India who struggle with Hindi now and that pains me. A connection lost to your mother toungue is a connection lost with your family, friends and nostalgia. Our education system has to do a better job teaching vernacular in schools.