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Four Poems

Painting: Dan Buena

By Fatima Zehra


loving you came in
pieces; empty glances,
broken promises, and everything in

why me, you said and
I swear it cost me more
than my sanity to make you believe
that wrecked ships are not lost,

they’re kissing the depths of
the ocean of unending sorrow
and everlasting regrets until
they’re found, or rather
discovered, for anything so
beautifully broken deserves
to be healed, and ironically,
in the hands of those who broke it

and you said I was insane,
I said I’d rather be.


what a sinner you’ve made me
fingers dipped in honey
soul, draped in vanity
left me wobbly kneed
and home sick,
like it was none of your business
because you made it look
like loving you was a sin.
an irrevocable, unapologetic sin
so much that it seems
like I’ve overpowered satan
yet you manage to look like a saint.


blissfully went around
plucking my
vivacity, as though
it were the strings
of your guitar,
or the wild azaleas
growing in your backyard
but you didn’t notice the thorns,
did you?
for it made your fingers bleed
and time bore witness that
your blood was the only positive virtue within you.

I couldn’t agree more.


wanting to travel to a place
where I don’t have to plead
against infinite sadness
where the dead luminosity of love doesn’t exist
where the vast brown spaces of earth touch the clear blue sky
where wilderness and curiosity crash into the nonchalance of life

where death removes the bandage of sorrow from my lips
and where happy ever after exists.

Fatima Zehra is a 17-year-old student of class 12, currently living in Bangalore.


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2 Responses to “Four Poems”

  1. devin

    Your writing is beautiful.
    yo i had no idea you were this smart 🤣


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