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Poems: journal words, may/june 2018

Painting: Wassily Kandinsky

By Debarun Sarkar 

slow breath
heavy breath

the alternating cycle
a symptom of my sickness

my lungs are giving way
not yet my mind

we write in fancy words
phrases and line breaks


a toiling body of tormented breath
echoing the air of yesteryears

words that eventually formed
were found scribbled across
walls of the cities by slackers hackers
junkies whores and ganglords

twigs and branches
feathers in notebooks
guns and bombs
pamphlets and graffiti on walls


words the utter worthlessness of it
in an age of devalued words

empty words play. why must I labor when

debarun illuminates
sarkar governs

Debarun Sarkar sleeps, reads, eats, drinks, smokes, labors, occasionally writes and submits.


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3 Responses to “Poems: journal words, may/june 2018”

  1. Flying Dance

    Hello, i find those words really touchful. Could i translate it into vietnamese and post it in my personal blog ? I will cite the original source :).


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