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Prof. Amartya Sen, Are the Indians Argumentative Enough?

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Prof. Sen’s painstaking excavation of a past argumentative tradition in India does justice to our understanding of Indian democratic culture and shows us the relevance of such a tradition in our own times for finding solutions to sectarian politics. What we further require is an understanding of the psyche of the ‘Emotional Indian’ in the general framework of the ‘Argumentative Indian’.

Life was Beautiful…: A Dalit Student Ends his Life

By Chapparban Sajaudeen Nijamodeen
The student community requested the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy, to show the concrete steps that have been taken to resolve Dalit students’ problems regarding discriminations, suicides, and mental harassments. This action was demanded in light of the Pulyala Raju Committee Report. A Dalit student, Mr. Pulyala Raju, was enrolled in the integrated Linguistics course. He committed suicide in 2012.

An Email to Café Dissensus on Editorial Policy and a Response from the Editors

By The Editors, Cafe Dissensus
Yet, we don’t want to remain in our ghettos. Ghettos are as much spatial as mental and discursive. The editors believe that the real success would be to make a dent in the majoritarian citadel. If we merely carve out our minority spaces/ghettos, we will always live there. We have to carve our space in the majority neighborhoods. To put it in more exclusive spatial metaphors: we want the minority population to find a house in the majority neighborhood.