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Chapter 11: Intrigue

Nilanjana Dey
Freya was waiting for Diana outside the Queen’s mansion. Diana parked D’s Torrent in the Queen’s guest parking zone and joined Freya to meet Prom.

A decade of reading Latin America – II

By Bhupinder Singh
While I was still under the spell of the writers of the Boom era, a new generation of Latin American writers were ready with more contemporary and evocative works. Beginning in the 1970s, many novels confirm the view that post-Boom Latin American literature has moved beyond ‘magical realism’ and is being enriched by a galaxy of writers with very distinctive styles.

Chapter 10: Feelers

By Nilanjana Dey
Apollo was looking closely at the piece of wood and wondering how the design could be replicated there. Diana observed Apollo and understood his concern.

A decade of reading Latin America – I

By Bhupinder Singh
Latin American literature is like the Amazon River, massive in its expanse and meandering across many thematic streams. The most well-known of these is its association with magical realism and what has come to be called the “dictatorship novels.”

Chapter 8: Penalties

By Nilanjana Dey
There was complete mayhem inside ‘The Den’. One of the strand connections had become loose. Loki’s assistant Edda had put all the helper white ants to get them fixed since the ringers had gone missing.