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Upholding the ‘Idea of India’ in Difficult Times

By Md. Israr Alam
I too assert that so long as these thousands ‘becauses’ are alive – I shall remain INDIAN. I do not give anyone the right to say, ‘You do not belong to India, so get out and go’! As Rahi said, “Why should go, sahib? I will not go.”

Book Review: Udayan Mukherjee’s novel, ‘Dark Circles’

By Vipasha Bhardwaj
Mukherjee has not spun a sentimental tale for the readers but only a realistic depiction of the trials and tribulations of a modern nuclear family. The story is loaded with guilt and disloyalty and the reverberations could be felt in the lives of Ronojoy and Sujoy.

Two Poems

By Sabyasachi Nag
no god awake at this hour to help
birth the dark passion
I need to stand this war tonight;
this war with never ending, slithery shadows.

Short Story: The Ride Home

By Nishi Pulugurtha
Parama suddenly said that something that happened a few days ago hurt her a lot. “What is it,” I asked. “Is it something at work? Did someone say something?” Mili asked. She shook her head. We waited for her to speak. It was obvious that whatever it was had caused her a lot of pain.

Why I Stand with Sharjeel Imam

By Abhay Kumar
Days before his arrest, the image of Sharjeel was constructed by the media as a ‘threat’ to the nation and Hindus. The fear was created to legitimize ensuing sedition charges on him. With Sharjeel’s issue, attempts are being made to communalize Delhi voters who are going to cast votes within a week.