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Jab We Lynched: From Rioters Democratic Inc.

By Asma Anjum Khan
Look, when you are trapped, do they ask you which sect you belong to while if you raise your hands up to your shoulders (or not – doing Rafiuddin) as you mischievously pray your Jumma in a park? Or do they ask if you practise the typical Islamophobic Islam that the world loves to fear or are you a teetotaler?

Hajra ASW: The Iron Lady of Islam

By Asma Anjum Khan
When we talk about Eid-ul-Azha, the talk usually revolves around the supreme sacrifice of Prophet Ibraheem. His wife Hajra ASW’s immense contribution towards this great feat of human endurance and patience was no less inspiring. Usually we don’t find as many extensive discussions about her paradigmatic role in this story, as we do about her husband.

Why this Fatwagiri-Di?

By Asma Anjum Khan
May I rent my home to a person from a different sect? May I make friends with a Deoo or Barell? May I eat goodies prepared by them? May I donate blood to a Salafi or may I have Barelvi blood in my veins, if I meet with an accident?