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Making Write/Right Our World: A conversation with author, Uzma Aslam Khan

By Pooja Pande
I scratched the first lines soon after the 1991 Gulf War, and the wars, of course, never stopped. After 9/11, the topic of a distant territory used by an imperial power to incarcerate and torture ‘terrorists’ became eerily close, with the parallels between Andaman and Guantanamo.

In conversation with poet, Vinita Agrawal

By Poornima Laxmeshwar
When I visit poems from my first book, I see that many of them are also about existential angst. About this clawing search for the real essence of life. The explorations are handled with slightly more finesse in TFM perhaps because I have more experience with the craft now.

A conversation with author, Ampat Koshy

By Santosh Bakaya
I grew up believing in the power of writing and of the word. Connected to this was my idea of the muse, of being inspired and the effect of Romantic poetry in writing what I feel when I feel intensely. The haunting nature, the lingering effect, and the sadness that readers come across, the melancholia if you will, in my works is clearly because of what I spoke of earlier.

In Conversation with Author, Nabanita Kanungo

By Rashida Murphy
I first encountered the work of Nabanita Kanungo, when she sent me a book of her poems to read and review in my capacity as Books Editor for Café Dissensus. I started reading the poems and finished them in one sitting; easy enough for a slim volume, you might think. Then I read them again. For several days, I read the poems that still haunt me for their frank exploration of the violence embodied in landscape and the way language is used to convey both ‘resistance and retrieval’.

A Conversation with author, Renu S. Persaud

By Adil Bhat
Self-mastery gives way to deep and meaningful relationships with our selves, and this kindness of self then extends to a deep and meaningful relationship with others. There is also the domino effect because when we pass on our own ability to respect others (by way of self-respect), they do the same, and so on. I discuss this in the hopes of my ultimate goal: The Kindness Revolution….my next writing.

Book Review: Lopamudra Banerjee’s ‘Thwarted Escape’

By Bhaswati Ghosh
Thwarted Escape is a woman’s journey – not only through the alleys of memory – but also in the physical realm, from the East to the West. The narrative oscillates between the author’s life in Kolkata, India and cities in the US, where she moved post-marriage. Some of the book’s most tender parts are where the author is seen synthesizing her experiences of her home country with those of her adopted one. In doing so she realizes that despite her impulse to fly abroad, the escape from her old universe never actually happened on the emotional plane.

‘Those Immigrants!’: A Psychological Exploration of Achievement

By Scott Haas
Those Immigrants!: A Psychological Exploration of Achievement is my latest book, and comes about through a five year effort to understand better the challenges, resilience, and unique contributions of thirty prominent Indian-Americans from immigrant backgrounds. It is a limited sample of people, not an academic guide to what’s what, but rather it is meant as an anecdotal contribution to recognizing the skills, strengths, fallacies, and observations of a range of people across the U.S.