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Yah Aakashvani ka Patna kendra hai. Ab aap Anant Kumar se Pradeshik samachar suniye…

By Sanjay Kumar
The word ‘Aakashvani’ always had a divine connotation for us. When Devvrata took the oath of perennial celibacy to defend Hastinapur – come what may – all the Gods and Goddesses, yakshas, yakshinis, and so on spoke in one voice: Devvrata, aaj se tum Bhishma kahlaoge (Devvrata, you will be called Bhishma today onward).

The Shadow of Lynching

By Fahad Hashmi
The idea of ‘being a Muslim in contemporary India’, it could easily be inferred from happenings around us, is an ‘empty signifier’ where a Muslim could be one of these at a given place: a beef consumer, a trader of cows and calves, a child-lifter, a Romeo, a progeny of Babar, a Pakistani, a traitor, and, of course, a terrorist.