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Book Review: Udayan Mukherjee’s novel, ‘Dark Circles’

By Vipasha Bhardwaj
Mukherjee has not spun a sentimental tale for the readers but only a realistic depiction of the trials and tribulations of a modern nuclear family. The story is loaded with guilt and disloyalty and the reverberations could be felt in the lives of Ronojoy and Sujoy.

The need for ‘Love After Babel’

By Chanchal Kumar
Love After Babel will be remembered as the prime example of a poet’s love letter to language, which can be a reluctant, unyielding beloved. Its appearance in our midst couldn’t have been timelier. We needed a Love After Babel to remind us why Dalit poetry has always been far superior to Brahmin-savarna’s, in other words, the mainstream’s attempts at writing verse, not that we had any doubt to begin with.

The “radical middle” in ‘Post-Colonial Poems’: Reviewing Kamal Kumar Tanti’s poetry in translation

By Sabreen Ahmed
The river is a dominant imagery in the recent collection. The river acts as a symbolic repository of historical annals of slavery and hardship borne by his kinsmen from which there is no way of return. In the first poem “Death” from his award winning collection, Our Ancestor Marangburu, the trope of death and the river coexist as a corollary in a predestined inescapable existential closure.