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Silence of Indian Muslims in case of Sharjeel Imam reveals fear

By Majid Alam
While the minorities struggle for justice against what they call a communal citizenship law, they are scared to demand justice for Imam who stood with them. With the silence of the Muslims over Sharjeel Imam’s issue, the government is successful in sending a stern message to the minorities to fall in line.

Short shorts: Friendship under the cloud of the NRC

By Abu Siddik
The reporter was snoring. The teacher feared the worst – International Tribunal, the detention camp, the separation from children and wife and neighbours, loss of land and his ancestral sweet home! Shaken and terrified, he lay awake the whole night harbouring thousand alien fears.  

Would Indian Muslims receive international support if they are stripped of citizenship?

By Shuma Talukdar
Should Muslims in India finds themselves in a state similar to that of the Rohingyas in Myanmar in the future, it would be unrealistic of them to hope of any support from the international community, for we have before us the precedent of the Rohingya, to whom the world turned its back, while they were subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocidal violence.

Why I Stand with Sharjeel Imam

By Abhay Kumar
Days before his arrest, the image of Sharjeel was constructed by the media as a ‘threat’ to the nation and Hindus. The fear was created to legitimize ensuing sedition charges on him. With Sharjeel’s issue, attempts are being made to communalize Delhi voters who are going to cast votes within a week.